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Michael Froman: Don’t Criminalize Our Internet

“The biggest global threat to the Internet”: That’s how legal experts describe the international agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).1

The TPP threatens to criminalize the use of some of your favorite websites—including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and your favourite blog—even your comments.2 But you can stop it if you act now →

Normal online activities “could lead you to be cut off from the Internet, have your computer seized, be fined up to $150,000, or even land you in prison.”3

This agreement threatens to rewrite national laws around the world. This is happening fast – twelve countries are already on board.

A man named Michael Froman has just been appointed the U.S.’s new TPP chief negotiator.

Michael Froman now has the unique ability to either put this secretive, global Internet criminalization plan to an end – or cement it into place for generations.

Sign the petition to send him a message now, and share this with everyone! →



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[1] Recent analysis by lawyers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation called the TPP the biggest global threat to the Internet. Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation.

[2] Provisions in leaked drafts of the TPP could prohibit use of “temporary copies”, which according to policy experts at InternetNZ are crucial: “The Internet—and computing—fundamentally depends on making temporary copies. Search engines depend on caching to function.”

The EFF writes if this proceeds, “anyone who ever views content on their device could potentially be found liable of infringement”.

[3] The quote comes from the EFF’s Maira Sutton writing in the Daily Dot.