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Yesterday the U.S. House voted to give itself six more weeks to sort out Obama's trade agenda. It's now more important than ever that we speak out against the TPP, a secretive, internet-censoring deal that would break our digital future. Tell Trade Ministers not to censor the Internet at StoptheSecrecy.net


Great news everyone! We’ve been hard at work beating back bad proposals that would limit our right to link freely online - a campaign that this morning brought us all the way to the European Union Parliament, and to victory!

This morning, the powerful Legal Affairs committee of the EU Parliament passed what has been described as a ‘pro-user’ report on updating rules about how we share and collaborate online.

Well, here we go again: a powerful committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would kill the FCC's Open Internet rules – or, so-called “Net Neutrality” rules – that we fought hard for and won after a long battle alongside a broad coalition of civil society organizations, Internet freedom groups, and millions and millions of Internet users.

In less than 12 hours key lawmakers will vote on a new scheme that could facilitate the spread of a costly new ‘link tax’ online.  

This backwards censorship plan is supported by a politician named Jean-Marie Cavada, a classic Internet villain who wants to hold onto the past.

Join us in demanding that Cavada backs off plans that would restrict our right to link, before it’s too late.

Obama has made a trip to Capitol Hill in a last ditch attempt to save Fast Track for the TPP. Speak out now at http://stopthesecrecy.net 

Article by Krista Hughes for Reuters 

A raging battle over President Barack Obama's request for "fast-track" authority central to improving U.S. ties with Asia resumes in the House of Representatives next week when lawmakers are expected to try to reverse Friday's defeat of linchpin trade legislation.

This big court win means the net neutrality rules that millions of us fought so hard for go into effect tomorrow!

Article by Amy Schatz for Re Code

A federal appeals court shot down an emergency effort by broadband providers to stop new net neutrality rules from going into effect Friday, saying the companies hadn’t met the “stringent” bar for such a stay.

At OpenMedia in our fight to protect the free and open Internet, we often come up against worthy adversaries. Sometimes they are elected representatives, sometimes they’re industry spokespeople, and sometimes they’re lobbyists. But as we work to move the world towards a more connected digital age, inevitably there will be those who resist.  

The #TPP may criminalize some of your everyday use of the Internet, force service providers to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards, and give media conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use and remove online content. That's what Obamatrade is all about. Take action now at StoptheSecrecy.net

Article by Eben Blake for the International Business Times

Congress: Don't betray democracy! If you care about democracy and the Internet, speak out now at StopTheSecrecy.net 

Article by Susan Davis for USA Today 

WASHINGTON — Seeing momentum for passage, House Republicans are aiming to move forward Friday with an anticipated close vote to renew trade promotion authority.

The "fast track" trade bill is a top priority for Republicans and President Obama, but overwhelming opposition from the majority of congressional Democrats has pro-trade lawmakers anticipating a tight vote.

No Big Industry interests were harmed in the making of this agreement.

Article by TechDirt

Back in 2013, we wrote about a FOIA lawsuit that was filed by William New at IP Watch. After trying to find out more information on the TPP by filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and being told that they were classified as "national security information" (no, seriously), New teamed up with Yale's Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic to sue. As part of that lawsuit, the USTR has now released a bunch of internal emails concerning TPP negotiations, and IP Watch has a full writeup showing how industry lobbyists influenced the TPP agreement, to the point that one is even openly celebrating that the USTR version copied his own text word for word.