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We can all be affected by the 'link tax'. The freedom to link is the freedom to express ourselves and access information. Speak out at SaveTheLink.org

Article by Javier Sarda for Newsletter Breeze

I am not a lawyer.

I don’t understand well some of the legal aspects currently being discussed under the copyright reform in Europe.

Although there's a long way to go in the UK, this shows the government can and will respond to public pressure demanding individuals' privacy be respected.

Article by Julia Powles for The Guardian

Less than 5% of nearly 220,000 individual requests made to Google to selectively remove links to online information concern criminals, politicians and high-profile public figures, the Guardian has learned, with more than 95% of requests coming from everyday members of the public.

Or you could get sued!

Article by Kieren McCarthy for The Register

Updated The organisers of the Pan American Games in Toronto, which start this week, require that people seek formal permission to link to its website at toronto2015.org.

The TPP could break our digital future, yet some large tech companies decided to back it. Speak out now at StoptheSecrecy.net

Article by Jeremy Malcolm for EFF

The Internet market is evolving to the point where cities are now considering bringing their residents gigabit-speed internet connections. This approach is also a great opportunity to help drag the traditional ISPs out of the status quo.

Article by Colin Neagle for Network World

Happy 25 years fighting the good fight to the ever-vigilant EFF, and thank you for the ongoing inspiration!

Article by Cyrus Farivar for Arstechnica

On July 10, 1990, the Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded by tech pioneers John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore, and Mitch Kapor. 

In its founding mission statement, published exactly 25 years ago, it announced: "A new world is arising in the vast web of digital, electronic media which connect us…

An open Internet is free from government surveillance. Using the Internet to spy on people degrades our freedom and weakens our democracy.

Article by Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing

The enormous dump of docs from cyber-arms-dealer Hacking Team continues to yield up details, like the time the company tried to sell spying tools to a death squad.


A question we get asked too many times. 

Article by Thor Benson for Medium

“If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide,” people often say. That’s true. If you’ve never driven too fast in your car, taken a hit from a joint or if you never drank a beer before you turned 21, perhaps you’ve never done anything wrong. Perhaps you are perfect. That being said, most people break the law now and then. That’s not the point, though. It’s not always about you.

Check out this great initiative from Free Press to put Net Neutrality on the map. For the win. 

Article by David McCabe for The Hill

Internet advocacy group Free Press now has access to a particularly large megaphone: a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

The group, which advocates for net neutrality and against large corporate media mergers, has ads appearing on a rotating digital display at the corner of 43rd St. and Broadway.

No more encryption in Britain? Read what this security expert has to say about this. 

Article by rob Price for the Business Insider

A highly respected cryptographer and security expert is warning that David Cameron's proposed ban on strong encryption threatens to "destroy the internet."