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Sputnik: German journalism treason probe in error

Posted by Soledad Vega on Wed, 08/05/2015 - 10:34

The German case of two journalists being threatened with treason charges for revealing spying documents has sparked a debate on how important journalism is in a time of surveillance states. 

Article by Sputnik News

The treason investigation against two German journalists who disclosed government surveillance plans should not have occurred, as the reporting was in public interest, an Internet advocacy group Open Media spokesman told Sputnik on Tuesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik), Anastasia Levchenko — Last week, the German federal attorney general’s office launched a probe into two Netzpolitik journalists on charges of treason, as they quoted secret documents detailing plans to extend government online surveillance practices. The treason investigation was suspended amid public outcry.

"This investigation should never have taken place. It’s clear that the journalists’ reporting was in the public interest, given that it exposed an extremely invasive government plan to spy on the private Internet and social media activities of law-abiding citizens," David Christopher said.

Earlier Tuesday, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas dismissed Federal Attorney General Harald Range, saying the latter had misrepresented ministry actions on the treason case.

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