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Vote for Digital Future Pledge

Vote for Digital Future Pledge

“I care about affordable access, free expression, and a surveillance-free Internet. I endorse OpenMedia’s pro-Internet action plan.”

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What we stand for:


  1. Get a Warrant: Completely repeal Bill C-51, and forbid the government from spying on the private communications and activities of law-abiding residents of Canada, whether domestically or through international partners, without a warrant issued by an open court.
  2. End Mass Surveillance: Put an end to blanket surveillance and the bulk collection of metadata.
  3. Embrace Accountability: Stronger oversight for government spy agencies, and increased transparency for government surveillance activities.


  1. Boost Choice: Open up our networks by creating fair rules that ensure Canadians enjoy unrestrained choice from more affordable independent Internet providers.
  2. Expand Access: Follow the lead of countries like Australia and devote significant investments to ensure faster, cheaper next-generation Internet services across the country.
  3. Promote Innovation: Embrace citizen-based oversight of telecom networks to ensure net neutrality (Internet openness) rules prevail on all platforms.

Free Expression

  1. Respect Creators: Protect the public domain and empower creators of all types to remix, reuse, and recycle content into new works.
  2. Prioritize Free Expression: Copyright and other digital policies should promote access to knowledge and culture, enable online commerce and prevent censorship.
  3. Embrace Democratic Processes: Copyright and other digital policies should be produced through participatory, democratic and transparent processes.